Chobs (CHop On Both Sides)

This makes an huge amount of sense. If you’ve ever taken time out from cooking to clean your cutting board for further use, you’ll understand the benefit of Chobs. They attach to the corners of nearly any cutting board, allowing you to use both sides without washing in between. Perfect for times when you’re cooking with raw meat. Dishwasher safe, premium-grade silicone.

Via Book of Joe

$13 at Dreamfarm

This Week Paper Mousepad

If you’re going to have a mousepad on your desk, it might as well pull double duty and serve a second purpose. A This Week Paper Mousepad will let you keep a weekly planner at your fingertips. It’s a 9.5” x 8” paper pad with space for five days of the week and the weekend at the bottom. 60 sheets.


SureFire Crank Utility Knife

There’s much to be appreciated about fine craftsmanship and clever details, and that’s what you’ll find in the SureFire Crank Utility Knife. This folding knife has a light-weight aluminum frame and 154 CM steel blade. But the good parts come in the handle. A cord/harness cutter, bottle opener, and hex nut wrench are all built in. The hex nut wrench also has a few slots that can be used in tandem with a coin for a makeshift screwdriver. Not bad.

Via Toolmonger

$180 at SureFire

LaCie Rikiki Go

External hard drives are getting smaller and better all the time. LaCie’s Rikiki Go hard drive combines a small form-factor with a rugged aluminum exterior and an integrated USB cable, packing a lot of punch for something so small and affordable. Available in 500GB for $90 or 1TB for $150. To get an idea of scale, the 500GB model (shown here) is a half an inch thick.

Via Acquire

$90-150 at LaCie

Apple TV

Apple continues their quest for living room domination with the newly unveiled Apple TV. For a hundred bucks, you can stream movies and shows from your home network, Netflix, or iTunes. Instead of buying content, Apple has placed emphasis on renting. Rent HD movies from $3.99 and HD shows (commercial free) for 99 cents. It comes with a handy remote, and connects to your screen via HDMI. Around back you’ll also find an ethernet port and optical audio. Ships in 4 weeks, available for pre-order now.

$100 at Apple

Koala Indoor Faucet Connector

Every now and then, you might find yourself wanting to hook a garden hose to your kitchen sink. We don’t know why, maybe you need warm water out there for some reason. To make an easy job of it, consider the Koala Indoor Faucet Connector. It’ll connect your hose to most long-neck faucets without the need for any tools.

Via Book of Joe

LightCap 300

If you’re a camper, you know the joy of finding a piece of gear that can accomplish more than one vital task, thereby saving space and weight. The LightCap 300 is a water bottle that doubles as a solar lantern. The 9.7 oz bottle is BPA free and features a wide-mouth opening for easy cleaning or storing contents. The cap houses super bright LED lights that charge via the top-side solar panel. If you ever need light and water (hint: this is often), this is a worthy consideration.

$30 at Sol Light