Unbreakable Hatchet

You can never have too much durability. If you’re looking for a heavy duty hatchet to use in the shop or on the campsite, consider the Unbreakable Hatchet. The handle is made from a reinforced fiberglass composite for greater strength and less weight. The drop-forged hardened steel blade features a non-stick coating and is molded into the handle for stability. And in case you’re wondering if they really mean the “unbreakable” part, yes, there’s a lifetime warranty.

$37 at Sporty's


You might say five bucks won’t go very far these days, and you’d be right. But the internet is here to change that with Fiverr. Fiverr is a place for people to offer their services to the world at large for five dollars a pop. People are out there right now waiting to write you a song, interpret your dreams, or even Photoshop your face to look like an old person for five bucks. The possibilities are endless (and also a little bit sad).

Free at Fiverr


It’s bad enough your car won’t start, why would you want to get out and open the hood? It’s cold out there. The Porta-Jump can jump-start your car’s engine via the cigarette lighter. Just plug it in, and a green light turns on when you’re ready to turn the key. It’s rechargeable, and comes pre-charged and ready to use. Not a bad investment for the coming winter months.

$30 at Sporty's

WARN Works PullzAll 120V Winch

Most guys will try to lift anything at least once, but some objects can’t be moved by man alone. Luckily, the WARN Works PullzAll 120V Winch will pull or lift loads up to 1,000 lbs. with ease, and at just a foot long, it’s ultra-portable. The PullzAll runs on 120V AC electricity and uses 15 feet of wire rope. It features a variable-speed trigger with forward/reverse controls, and an electric load limiter to avoid overloading.

$250 at Kotula's

Duo Bookshelf

The bookshelf is a very basic and common thing, so many of us reach for solutions that are a little more interesting. The Duo Bookshelf breaks convention by splitting your books into two rows. Nice and clean. Made from powdercoated steel, available in black, silver or blue. Holds up to 22 lbs.

$160 at Supermarket

FireStash Miniature Keychain Lighter

Sure, it’s easy enough to attach a flashlight to your keychain so you’ll always have light when you need it, but fire is so much more fun. The FireStash Miniature Keychain Lighter is a tiny flint-wheel lighter you carry around on your keychain. The dark chrome-plated zinc alloy capsule screws tightly closed so you won’t light up accidentally, and a Neoprene O-ring provides a waterproof seal. Uses standard replacement flints and fuel.

Via The Green Head

$12 at Vat19

Sharpie Professional Marker

The venerable Sharpie marker will always have a place in our hearts, desks and workshops. But if a regular Sharpie simply won’t do, reach for a Sharpie Professional Marker. What makes it so special? The tip lasts 50% longer than a normal Sharpie chisel-tip. Not rocket science, but certainly worth the three bucks if you push your markers hard.

$3 at Northern