Pinch Bike Stand

The latest in the somewhat perplexing wave of “that’s neat” bicycle storage solutions, the Pinch Bike Stand is a clever and clean way to store your bike. Hand crafted from bamboo wood, the Pinch Bike Stand will flex and clamp onto the wheel of your bike when you set it inside. Pull up and it lets go.

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$89 at ClankWorks

Transit Issue Nomad Waterproof Journal

It isn’t every day that you come across a journal that you could consider “functional,” but the Transit Issue Nomad Waterproof Journal is just that. This Moleskine-like journal’s waterproof cover and pages let you keep writing or sketching away, regardless of the weather. You can also stop worrying about spilled coffee or the like ruining your precious notes. Measures 5 7/8” x 6 3/4”, made in Germany.

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$54 at Apolis

Iomega SSD SuperSpeed Flash Drive

A good external hard drive is ultra-portable, high capacity, fast and reliable. Iomega has a new drive on offer that seems like it fits the bill. The Iomega SSD SuperSpeed Flash Drive is a compact external flash drive that weighs in around a quarter of a pound. It requires no AC adapter and can achieve transfer rates up to 5 Gbits per second via USB 3.0. It’s available for order now in three capacities – 64GB ($195), 128GB ($336), and 256GB (Pre-order, $630). Pricy.

$195-630 at Amazon

Micro-Plus Pocket Tool

Here’s another compact multitool for your consideration. The Micro-Plus 9-in-1 Pocket Tool features pliers, wire cutter, stripper and crimper, a bottle opener, and #1 and #2 flat and Phillips screwdrivers. When it isn’t in use, it folds into a compact 2” x 1-1/2” x 3/8” oval.

$11 at Garrett Wade

Replenish Cleaner System

When you pick up a spray-bottle of household cleaner from the store, what you’re really buying is mostly water. If you think about how readily accessible water is at home, it’s a waste of money and materials. The Replenish System gets rid of the waste by separating the concentrated cleaning agents into replaceable “pods” and letting you add your own water to the reusable spray bottle. Makes a lot of sense.

$8 at Replenish

SunMod Solar Modification Kit

We all hate burning through batteries, and it never hurts to make things more energy efficient. A SunMod Solar Modification Kit lets you turn any AA or AAA battery-powered device into a solar-powered device. Each kit includes a flexible solar 4.8v cell with soldered metal connectors and double-sided tape.

Installation is simple enough and at $25, the kit doesn’t exactly break the bank either. Easy and effective.

$25 at ThinkGeek

DarkFin Gloves

Water dwellers, rejoice. Now you can improve your performance by upgrading to webbed hands. DarkFin Gloves are just what they look like – rubber gloves with a webbed design that let you move through water faster and more efficiently. They’re made from natural latex without stitching or adhesives for greater durability and dexterity. Applications include scuba diving, surfing, swimming and amusement.

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$25 at DarkFin