Military Pocket Chain Saw

Having a chain saw on hand can be advantageous when you’re in the woods, but lugging around a gas-powered monster isn’t exactly ideal. This Military Pocket Chain Saw is about as light and portable as a chain saw can get. At a mere 3.28 ounces, it’s light enough to go unnoticed amongst your other gear, and it packs down to 3” x 3.5” inside the included nylon pouch. The 22” flexible blade has 92 bi-directional cutting teeth, which means it cuts wood on three sides. Every little bit helps when you’re cutting by hand.


Exchanging contact information with an acquaintance or coworker can be a cumbersome experience. If you’ve been looking for a more streamlined approach, consider giving Contxts a try. Sign up and enter your contact info, and any time you need to share it, you can text “send” followed by the phone number of the person you’re sharing with to 50500. Contxts will send your info to their phone. Alternatively, you can have your new contact text your Contxts username to 50500, and your info will come back to them. Sure beats slowly repeating numbers and email addresses over and over.

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Gear Ties

Those twist ties you find wrapped around your electronics cables or bagged grocery items are handy little things. It seems, then, that Gear Ties are a no-brainer. These rubber ties can be used to latch all manner of large objects together. Available from 3” to 36” in a range of colors.

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Art & Graphic Design Knife

Most of us have a trusty X-Acto blade laying around somewhere for precise cutting here and there, but if you do that kind of work often, you might prefer a higher grade tool. One option is this Art & Graphic Design Knife from Kaufmann Mercantile. Made in Germany from non-reactive stainless steel, this 5.9” knife was originally built for surgical use, where precision is paramount. It uses Bayha blades (made with a hardened carbon alloy steel), making for a durable, sharp cutting tool you can count on.

Measuring Tape Tape

Accurate measurements make for fewer headaches, so really, you can use all the help you can get. Measuring Tape Tape takes 100% of the guess work out of simple measurements. It’s a roll of adhesive tape with markings down to 1/8 of an inch, perforated at every foot. Being able to keep measurements available for instant recall means you can measure once, and cut once.


It’s easy – maybe even typical – to amass a collection of books you plan to read but haven’t even cracked open. DailyLit is here to help. DailyLit sends you your book via email, one short section at a time. You can choose when to receive your daily installment so it’ll play nice with your busy schedule. For the moment, DailyLit is 100% free. While you might not find the latest best seller to read, as of now there are nearly a thousand books to choose from.

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Fire Blanket

Cooking typically involves heat, but if your entire stove is engulfed in flames, it’s too much of a good thing. You may want to keep a Fire Blanket on hand. If an appliance fire breaks out, you can place it over the fire and the material (SGS certified to ASTM standard F1989-05) will go to work smothering the flames. Hang one in the kitchen and have some peace of mind.

$50 at Sporty's