Steam Tower

Steaming is a great way to cook without losing your food’s natural content. If you can steam multiple items for a meal at once without much fuss, all the better. The Steam Tower is a set of porcelain bowls that can be stacked in the oven. Holes in the bottom of the two upper bowls allow steam to travel freely between dishes. Comes with a recipe booklet to get you started.

$100 at A+R Store

Japanese Carpenter's Knife

From the Kansai region near Osaka, Japan, this Japanese Carpenter’s Knife is a straight-forward, no frills folding knife. In addition to good looks, it features a loop hole for rope, and an extended lever for easy opening and closing.

$26 at Cooper-Hewitt

Double Dish

A great many finger foods come with some form of discardable leftover. Peels, shells, bones. Having a separate bowl on hand for the leftover debris is great and all, but who wants to look at that? Enter the Double Dish. A collection bowl hides underneath the serving dish, allowing you to toss the unwanted bits into one of three openings. Out of sight, out of mind.

$18 at A+R Store

Postalco Cloth Cover Notebook

Unless it comes with a gimmick or custom printed interior, a notebook is pretty much a notebook. So it comes down to the details – look, feel and enjoyability. The Postalco Cloth Cover Notebook is an A6 spiral bound memo pad covered with water resistant, pressed cotton fabric. Contains 55 pages of ultra pin graph paper, made in Japan.


With the advent of Twitter, brevity has become increasingly valued. For the times when you can’t seem to shrink a 142 character tweet any further (or you just need a shorter word for something), you may want to keep Thsrs handy. Enter any word and it’ll only return shorter synonyms. Might be worth a bookmark.

Free at Thsrs

Yurbuds Ironman Series Earphones

Bringing music along for a workout can make things more interesting, but nothing wrecks your rhythm like an earbud falling (or getting yanked) out of your ear. Yurbuds Ironman Series Earphones are made specifically for use during physical activity. Their patented “Ear-Lock Technology” was developed by a marathoner & triathlete to keep things nice and snug, as well as sweat-proof.

$50 at Yurbuds

Hand Paper Shredder

Sometimes paper needs shredding, and it needs shredding right this second. You can’t lug a full-size paper shredder around with you all the time, but this Hand Paper Shredder will do just fine. Powered completely by hand, it’ll shred a full-size piece of paper (folded into thirds), regular envelope, or incriminating receipt with ease. Measures 6” x 1.5”, available in black or silver.

$24 at ThinkGeek