Black & Decker Auto Wrench

One wrench to rule them all? Maybe. Built to combat the difficulty of adjusting wrenches in tight spaces or awkward positions, the Black & Decker Auto Wrench adjusts to fit what you’re working on at the touch of a button. Uses 2 AAA batteries, latches on with 220 foot-pounds of torque.

$20 at Amazon

Kodak Mini Video Camera

Kodak’s latest pocketable video camera is actually pretty tiny. Not so much “fits in your pocket” tiny, but more “you will lose this” tiny. The Kodak Mini Video Camera measures a minuscule 3.5” x 2.3” and it’s only a half inch thick. It records standard definition video at up to 60 fps, and uploads via a pop-out USB arm. One more useful feature – it’s waterproof. Not a bad take-anywhere point and shoot for a hundred bucks. Ships in September, available for pre-order now.

Via UberGizmo

$100 at Amazon

Joseph Joseph Scoop Colander

It isn’t always easy to get your food from the pot to the plate without bringing liquids along for the ride. The Joseph Joseph Scoop Colander is a simple and effective solution. Scoop straight out of the pan or dish, and the excess water or oil drains away while you lift out the good stuff.

$7 at Amazon

Aquaovo Glass Bottle With Tea Filter

If you want to take your tea with you and keep it hot, all the while reducing waste and making things easy on yourself, this one’s for you. The Aquaovo Glass Bottle With Tea Filter is double walled for improved insulation. Built into the top is a tea infuser that lets you make tea (or add flavor to other drinks) without the need for any other equipment. Love it.

$30 at Reuseit

Screwpop Keychain Tool

Look, as long as these handy keychain tools keep popping up for sale on the internet, we’re gonna keep featuring them. The latest entry in the category is the Screwpop Keychain Tool, which is a very sturdy-looking bottle opener and bit driver. Includes a #2 Phillips/Flathead as well as a 1/4” hex nut driver.

$6 at X-treme Geek

Desk-It Adhesive Notepads

Such a simple idea, and yet, so ingenious. Desk-It Adhesive Notepads are like post-it notes for your desk. They measure 11.8” x 2.7” and are available in a weekly calendar or graph paper style. Stick a fresh calendar to your computer each week to stay on schedule, or use the graph sheets to put your meticulous jottings and designs up for easy reference. Sixty sheets per pad.

$8 at Poketo

Black & Decker Gecko Grip Level

Hanging pictures is hard. A decent level will save you a few of those extra holes in the wall and more than a few headaches. The Black & Decker Gecko Grip Level is 36 inches long and has two adjustable Accu Mark targets for spot-on marking, and the Gecko Grip pads stay snug on the surface without leaving a mark.

$20 at Amazon