Pentax Optio WG-1

The advantage a GPS-enabled camera is that you can take it anywhere and it’ll log the location of photos as you shoot. If you’d like to literally be able to take your camera anywhere, the new Pentax Optio WG-1 might do the trick. A 14MP sensor and 5X internal optical zoom let you capture solid stills as well as 720P video, and it’s built to take punishment along the way. The rugged housing is shockproof to withstand a 5-foot drop, crushproof under as much as 220 lbs of force, it can withstand temperatures as low as 14°F, and it’ll function while submerged as deep as 33 feet underwater. Available for pre-order today with ($400) or without ($350) the GPS feature.

$350-400 at Pentax


A good recipe can make the difference between happy times and eventual self-loathing and regret. If you want great recipes from all over the web at your fingertips, take a look at Foodily. In addition to allowing you to search recipes down to the individual ingredient, Foodily ties in with your Facebook account to bring recipes you or your friends “like” into your news feed. Other Facebook features are in place, all in the name of letting you share and discover recipes with like-minded folk.

Free at Foodily

Smartfish Engage Keyboard

If you do a lot of typing (and you probably do), it makes sense to invest in an ergonomic keyboard. This way you can avoid all the nasty repercussions brought on by standard rigidly shaped keyboards. The Engage Keyboard from Smartfish is an ergonomic keyboard that features a patented motion system. It studies your typing frequency and adjusts itself to give you the perfect hand position while you type.

Via Werd

$150 at Smartfish

Multi Lines Extension Cord

This is one of those things that just makes sense. As long as you’re running an extension cord across a room, why not make use of the current at multiple locations along the way? The Multi Lines Extension Cord makes electricity available where you need it with multiple plugs along the cord. Available in white, pink or blue in various lengths.

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$16-22 at Connect Design

Speakr Box

Portable speakers have become increasingly stylized and complex lately. If you want a simple and clean take on the portable speaker, consider Speakr Box. It’s made of Australian hoop pine plywood and requires no batteries or power source. Measuring 3.35” x 6.7” x 2.6”, you can take it with you anywhere.

$80 at Generate

Kitchen Cleaning Pads

Don’t let the pedestrian name fool you – these things are anything but ordinary. These heavy-duty Kitchen Cleaning Pads are made from recycled and natural materials that require “very little, if any” soap to be effective. Each of the four sets is made to handle a specific kind of surface or stain. Made in Japan.

Rechargeable Heated Insoles

Sometimes a product that reeks of infomercial cheesiness still deserves a look. These Rechargeable Heated Insoles can keep your feet warm on cold days. Dubbed as “the world’s first wireless rechargeable heated foot insoles,” they actually measure the temperature of your foot and adjust heat accordingly, so you only get added heat when you need it. A lithium-ion battery stores enough power on one charge to last up to 8 hours.